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What is EthoScape?

Ethos is the Greek word for character, thus EthoScape is the layout or qualities of one's character. At EthoScape we refer to our programs and processes as "EthoScaping", or the process of building upon one's character to achieve desired outcomes. Our main program incorporates a personal development plan with specific goal oriented objectives and learning.  On the professional side we incorporate a personal development plan with professional skill building and mentoring.  Registering for either gives you access to both. The process is an experience of self-learning, introspection and analysis, a "journey" of character of sorts. Our goal is to provide resources that will allow you to grow, achieve goals and reach your dreams.

We couple your personal or professional development program with a number of tools that will aid in your transformation. One of the main tools at your disposal is EthoSocial, a social network designed to provide social and educational support in the pursuit of self-development and goal achievement. 

It is our belief that the key to success lies in having the best support available, that is why at EthoScape we provide the greatest number of resources available to help you achieve your goals. Click here to learn more!

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